Sex Rules Straight Talk:  1 out of 4, and 1 out of 6, are the statistics for females and males being assaulted on college campuses.  Elaine clears up confusion about sexual assault by breaking down what it really is and why we must continue to talk about it in order to stop it.  Students will learn what consent IS and IS NOT, the difference between the “rapists we see on TV” vs. the “undetected rapists”, and the mixed messages regarding sex, the media and rape culture.  Audiences leave with clear definitions of sexual assault and specific tools to help keep each other safe.  By speaking from her heart and soul in a vulnerable and powerful way, Elaine breaks down the “stigma” of sexual assault, victim blaming, and depression that are so often the result of assault.

PARTY FOULS: In Williams’ “Party Fouls” workshop shares her “highly functioning addiction” story, peppered
with hilarious jokes about her “put-the-fun-in-” dysfunctional family. She shows students how to Think It Thru, that too much partying can damage their brain, how to NOT be a bystander, and how to party safely and responsibly.
She addresses the pressure of social media, wanting looking “cool”, and the unprecedented amount of distractions now, while also wanting to do well in school.



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