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Hey Everyone!

Here is the TV program on Channel 12 News in Connecticut, about drinking and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  For all the wonderful students who have heard me speak lately (Shout out to Bethany College and New Mexico State University!) you know this already, but here are my Party 101 Tips for having fun and being safe:

1)      Never leave your drink alone

2)      Have a party buddy – get ready together, go out together, and don’t go home until your party buddy goes home

3)      Have a designated driver and cab money

Thanks to Amalie Wilson and the news crew for and allowing me to share my story. And most importantly, thanks to all of you who have shared stories following my schtick! You are not alone, you have a voice and I am here to help.  You all inspire me to continue telling my story.


LMK what you think!



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