I am thrilled to be speaking at your event. I am committed that you get exactly what you and your organizations wants out of the event/speech.

So that I can be sure I am delivering what you want, I would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the following checklist that will serve as a guideline as I personalize the speech.

Content and outcomes:

  • Review What is the event about, and /or discuss further.
  • What are your desired outcomes?
  • What are 1-3 things that are critical to you to get covered?
  • Are there any subjects I should avoid altogether? If yes, what subjects?
  • Is the event/speech part of any larger events being held during this period of time?
  • What percentage of funny do you want?
  • What percentage of message do you want?
  • Are interactive activities with the audience ok to do or would you rather have this be non-interactive?
  • Regarding language; are there any restraints? A little edgy or squeaky clean? Mild profanity ok or not?
  • Who’s going to be in the audience?
  • Are other speakers going to speak? If so, what order will we be speaking in? If so, what is there subject matter and style?
  • Anything or anyone special you want me to mention? or poke fun at?
  • How do you want people to leave; laughing, happy, inspired, motivated for action or?


  • Time frame: How long do you want me to talk?
  • What time does the event start?
  • What time do I go on?
  • Is food being served during the event? If so, what time and will I be speaking while they are being served or eating?
  • What is the attire: black tie, business casual, or business suit?
  • What kind of sound system? When will I be able to perform a sound check?
  • Is there a dressing/private area available for me to prepare?
  • Can I sell my products/sign/take pictures? Any restrictions?
  • Who is the contact person at the event?
  • Is there anything else you think that I might need to know.

Click on the link below download this checklist, complete the questions and email your completed checklist to Elaine Williams at laineywill@yahoo.com.

Event Coordinator Checklist for Elaine Williams Speaking Engagement

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