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Elaine is an award winning stand up comedian who has appeared on Saturday Night Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX, and been featured in The New York Times and on Hay House Radio with Debbie Ford, NY Times 7 X Best Selling author of: Dark Side of the Light Chasers, and seen on Oprah 3 times.

Elaine “Before”

This sassy comic’s inspiring and soul-baring story of food, drug, and alcohol addiction is as educational as it is entertaining.

Students want to be involved and respected, not talked-down-to; so Elaine makes it personal and interactive for each individual group.

In Elaine’s “Emotional Eating” workshop, she shares her eating disorder journey and how she was able to stop abusing herself with food, dieting, and laxatives. She addresses why so many students struggle with stress eating and offers tools and solutions for breaking the habit now before it’s too late.

party foulsWith Elaine’s “Party Fouls” program, she shares her “highly functioning addiction” story, peppered with hilarious jokes about her put-the-fun-in-dysfunctional-family. She shows the students why Moderation-is-Sexy and how to party safely and responsibly. She addresses the pressure of wanting to do well in school while also feeling pressure to connect socially, fit in, and be cool.

She uses her training as a Certified Ford Institute Coach to fully engage and interact with her audiences. Students walk away with practical and simple tools after having a transformational and fun experience.

For more information, call 877.236.4738 or visit www.AdmireEntertainment.com.

Elaine at Virginia College

Elaine Speaks… College Clips
Elaine discussed why she had to stop drinking and shares some of her wild and crazy stories. She does her drinking jokes when she tours colleges with her laugh out loud funny Alcohol Awareness Talks. Students laugh so hard they don’t even know they are learning.
Elaine shares her soul baring and hilarious story of how she overcame eating disorders and emotional eating with students all over the world.
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