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Why I do what I do…

I recently told my story at a college conference about how I overcame Bulimia. Later on, I had 3 different young women come up to me and tell me that they hated their bodies and that they were thinking about or had already bought laxatives, but because they heard me, they decided against it. That is why I do what I do...

What others have to say…

I have to say I was impressed with you and your story. The enthusiasm and passion that exudes from you is contagious -make sure that stays with you as part of your DNA - Kevin Eastman, Assistant Coach Boston Celtics
Elaine was amazing. What a pleasure to work with. She was funny and easy going and just seemed so genuinely happy to be on campus. It felt like we were doing her a favor having her to campus, which is a refreshing change! We have had a very positive response to her performance.
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